Hector "Macho" Camacho shot in Puerto Rico

Hector Camacho
Macho Camacho Shot

Hector "Macho" Camacho, the ornamented boxer who
awed fans with his quick hands and ring antics,
was shot and critically wounded in Puerto Rico Tuesday
authorities said. Camacho was shot Tuesday in front of
a bar in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, police said. Camacho, 50,
was in the passenger seat of a car and next to him was a
man who was shot twice and killed, police said.
Camacho was rushed to a nearby hospital, said Dr. Ernesto Torres,
of the Centro Medico of Rio Piedras.
Torres said the bullet appeared to have entered the
left side of the boxer's face and is now lodged in his right shoulder.
If Camacho survives his injuries he may have trouble walking
 in future, Torres said, because the bullet fractured two
vertebrae in his neck.
Camacho was born in Bayamon and raised in New York. He fought
professionally for more than 25 years and last fought in 2010.
During his career he beat such legendary boxers as Roberto Duran
and Sugar Ray Leonard and he held several championships.
No one has yet been arrested over the shooting.
The previous star of the ring was sitting in the passenger
seat of a black Ford Mustang outside the "Azuquita" bar
when the shots were fired, WAPA TV reported. Capt. Rafael Rosa,
of Bayamon Police, identified the driver killed in the attack as
Adrian Mojica. He received one shot to the neck and another to the
lower back. The suspects are two men who are believed to have
been traveling in a gray vehicle, said Lt. Wilfredo Rivera,
of CataƱo Police. They escaped after a shootout with police at
a residential complex, WAPA TV reported.

Macho Camacho

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