The Importance of Defense

Ok so check this out. Martin Tucker(below)light welterweight robbed The Monroe County Community Credit Union in Temperance in 2009, near the Michigan-Ohio border. Back on April 28, 2012 Tucker fought Devaris Crayton at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. The FBI said they obtained a swab with blood from his April fight, and found that his DNA matched the DNA evidence from that 2009 robbery in Temperance.Tucker was arrested this week and ordered held without bond on Wednesday. His skill in the ring is equally talented.I forgot to mention he is 1-6. Maybe thats why he was robbing the bank! Hang up the gloves and put down the guns. Time for a vacation to the big house.
Fight Game Lesson Learned: You get punished for not having defense.


Can Vicente Escobedo handle the speed of the flashy Adrien Broner?

You be the judge...Here's a look at the two.

King Khan Falls!

I guess Amir let his own ego get the best him. His defense was absent that night at best, and his chin had made other reservations. Danny Garcia used Khan as a stepping stone and in doing so has opened the gates to new opportunities.