Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tested positive for marijuana in his post fight drug test. This is bad news for Chavez, especially considering the fact he was just arrested on DUI charges just two weeks before his fight against Marco Antonio Rubio in January.Previously, in 2009 Chavez also tested positive for a banned diuretic which can be used to mask steroids. This could cause his boxing license suspension in Nevada to not allow him the rematch against Sergio Martinez. He also could be fined more than %10 of his purse..Damn Julio, at least party when your'e not in training camp. http://espn.go.com/boxing/story/_/id/8400493/bob-arum-julio-cesar-chavez-jr-tested-positive-marijuana


Pac Man Lookin for the KO

So not only is Manny Pacquaio looking for the win in his 4th fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, he also feels like he needs a knockout. He wrote it on a piece of paper during a press conference and slid it to his trainer Freddy Roach. After all three of their fights have been controversial. both fighters will be looking to finally put an end to the rivalry. Pacquiao and Marquez fought to a draw in 2004, then Pacquiao won by split decision in 2008 and again by majority decision last year, but Marquez and many fans still believe he won all three fights, while Pacquiao says he clearly won the last two. Dec. 8th in Las Vegas, we will finally see who is the greater of the two fighters.


Sergio Gets The Win and the Belt!

Good fights last night!! Sergio Martinez now 50-2-2 pulled off the win against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, giving him his first lost 46-1-1, and regaining the middleweight title..Great boxing from Sergio Martinez throughout all twelve rounds, but in the final rounds Chavez Jr. began to hurt Martinez and dropped him in the 12th. Martinez stood up and survived the rest of the round. Had Chavez Jr. turned it up and got an earlier start, i believe he could have won that fight. He looked a lot bigger than Martinez. Already talks of a rematch..Hey, why not?? Also, Canelo Alavarez (41-0-1, 30)gets the win over Josesito Lopez (30-5), showing how powerful his shots are by firing away at Lopez's body and head, He was floored 3 times in the fight but finally finishes him with the TKO in the 5th with a wonderful combination.